The Worst Travel Trend Of All Time: Begpacking


According to an immigration officer, the Western begbackers are mostly Russian, British, or Australians.

Traveling the world is something a lot of us dream of doing someday. But it’s not exactly affordable. So people usually save up for months, even years, for a trip of a lifetime. Even then, that might not be enough. But the people of Southeast Asia are noticing some Westerners trying to take advantage of their generosity by begging for money to fund their travels, and it’s not sitting well with them. If anything, it’s starting to tick the people of the Indonesian island of Bali off.

It’s easy to see why people are reporting these begpackers to the authorities. This foreigner is begging for money to travel to Thailand, while an aging homeless woman is collecting junk to sell for food.

TonsTweetings / Twitter

Not too long ago, a concerned local posted a video on Facebook about an irresponsible Russian begpacker who put their baby at risk.

Zayl Chia Abdulla captioned the video, “I happen to pass by this area in Bukit Bintang and I saw this irresponsible act that can literally cause injury to that poor baby. Why is the authority allowing such act to be showcase to public? These street performers need to be arrested! Please do something”.

zac.abdulcheah / Facebook

A begpacker from Russia asks people to take money out of their pockets and put it into his, because who doesn’t have a couple of dollars to spare, right?

It’s a well-known fact that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places in the world. Sergey could’ve asked for a job somewhere, sweeping floors or even working reception at a hostel in exchange for free accommodation and food. But he chose to go out on the streets and ask others to sponsor his lifestyle. Understandably, the locals can’t help but roll their eyes at these types of requests.

begpacker / Facebook

Some foreigners are begging for money in working class neighborhoods still reeling from disasters.

In this area, a foreigner is asking for money to fund his journey through Asia. But some believe that it’s wrong to ask for a hand out from a community recovering from the damage experienced by a typhoon.

peteryuill / Instagram

Even though she looks western to the core, this begpacker pretended to not know any English when Twitter user, Raphael Rashid, confronted her.

But many folks couldn’t help but wonder why she hadn’t sold her watch to make a quick buck or two if she was strapped for cash. The girl seems to be doing remarkably well too for a beggar, too. She’s got a fresh manicure and all! We can’t remember the last time our nails have looked as good as hers.

koryodynasty / Twitter

Begpacking is catching fast among Ukranian travelers who have pulled all the stops to continue hitchhiking around the world.

Some people aren’t buying the stereotype of a ridiculously pampered and privileged westerner asking locals for cash in countries where people can barely make ends meet. But judging from this young and healthy begpacker’s signs, that seems to be the case here.

begpacker / Facebook

But not everyone who’s claiming to be a begpacker on the streets is actually doing it to continue their travels. Some folks are simply using it to get people’s attention.

Some of them are plain old scammers. This woman started begging for cash next to her child, claiming her husband had abandoned them. But only a few days later, the husband shows up and joins them. They clearly have no shame if they’re willing to expose their child like that.

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This traveler’s dream is to visit Phi Phi Island, but instead of saving enough cash to visit, he’s asking you to quit your own travel dreams and sponsor his.

If you’re going to travel the world, the least you can do is work your butt off and save enough cash to do so without expecting people to pick up the tab for you. Other people have their own bucket lists and places they want to visit, but they don’t go around asking people to pay for their trips.

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This known scammer is still at large. She's pulling the same old scam around different areas, even though people have reported her several times in Penang, Malaysia.

It’s easy to understand why the locals feel like screaming, “get out of my country” in unison when they run into begpackers who will go to any lengths to scam people.

begpacker / Facebook

Here’s another example of a begpacker shamelessly asking for money in Hong Kong.

Understandably, this whole phenomenon is causing great concern to the locals who run into them on the streets. While some folks are quick to judge them, others refuse to jump on the “begpackers hate train”.

Hong Kong Free Press

You just never know what might be going on in these travelers’ lives. Some of the folks could be running away from a harmful situation back at home.

Others could’ve miscalculated how much their trips would end up costing. But it goes without saying that there are many travelers who are willing to beg on the streets in order to make some quick cash and continue traveling.

While some people refuse to judge begpackers without context, others are infuriated by how shameless they are when it comes to asking strangers for their hard-earned cash.

This Twitter user stumbled into a begpacker in Seoul's Jongno 3-ga who was clearly lying to get sympathy from poor and elderly people, as they’re easier to trick. The begpacker claims he lost his wallet, cards, and ticket. But if you’re a seasoned traveler, you know there’s a digital copy of his ticket and you can call the bank and freeze your credit cards and get a new one. He might’ve fooled a few passersby, but not @KyleInSKorea.

koryodynasty / Twitter

Here’s another example of a couple of begpackers stranded somewhere around Asia that’s got so many locals fuming.

Instead of saving enough cash to pay for their trips, (or not travel at all if you’re strapped for cash!) they seem to be asking people to give them money so they can “travel for free and hook up with the locals".

jriverfort / Reddit

Another local couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of a couple of begpackers that made his blood boil.

“Westerners are traveling around Asia on a shoestring budget and begging for money to fund their trip,” he captioned the photo. Some folks can’t wrap their heads around the fact that most of these travelers come from developed countries, and yet, they travel to a third world country to beg for money.

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This woman is willing to risk her own safety by letting random strangers put their hands on her while she stands there, blindfolded.

Even if you have the best intentions at heart, this traveler is allowing people to put their hands on her and hug her in exchange for money. But things can escalate really fast. She’s putting herself her at risk, even if she’s completely unaware of it.

CHIMCHAMS95 / Twitter

But she’s not alone! Other begpackers are pulling the same scam by asking people to hug them for “free”.

But they’re also encouraging the locals to donate money to fund their travels. We understand that there are people out there who are willing to do anything to see the world. But this new trend isn’t the way to go about it. Some local Asian girls were even giggling and weeping with joy while they hugged them.

jilli_bee / Instagram

Onlookers couldn’t believe that this healthy, privileged, and young begpacker was bold enough to ask for money around Hồ Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi. But he did.

Even though some of these travelers could’ve run into trouble and might truly need a helping hand, it’s clear to see why this whole begpacking trend is enraging people.

RevolioClockbergSr / Reddit

Another begpacker in Seoul can be seen shamelessly begging for money in front of a senior citizen who’s picking up trash to make a decent living.

It goes without saying that the last thing the world needs is more beggars, especially those who use the money to splurge on their travels.

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