This Guy Walked From LA To Boston, And The Incredible Footage Will Inspire You.

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The United States is such a geographically large country that just about every possible climate on earth can be found here. From the Rocky Mountains to the hot desert of Yuma, the southern Plains in the Midwest, to warm and sunny California, and more, there is plenty to explore in this great nation.

That is why Ben Davis took a leap of faith and decided to walk from Los Angeles, California all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. The 3,100 mile trip took Davis 148 days to complete. It was no easy task either. Having to deal with changing climates of heavy rain, sweltering heat, and freezing cold, was part of the adventure.

Davis says this journey is about not living with regrets. “I was in a place in life where I had the freedom to do it and once I had the idea, I realized I didn't want to end up at 80 years old wishing I had done it,” explains Davis. He has turned his hike into a book titled *Ever Eastward* which will be published this fall. Here is a video of the trip of a lifetime.

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