The Best Drone Pics Of 2017 Have Just Been Announced.

The Majestic Beast Nanuk

Conventional photographs are cool, but aerial photography is even better. It involves taking photos of something that's totally eye-catching from high above. So, just imagine being Superman and having a camera. To get the right shot, most photographers will use a chopper, balloons, kites, fixed-wing aircrafts, or the more popular option, drones. Some folks will even climb to the very top of a skyscraper in order to get the right shot. So here are 2017's coolest aerial shots, because everything looks more impressive from a bird's eye view. So feast your eyes on these beauties and prepare to be blown away.

The Inuit, indigenous people from the Artic regions of Canada and Alaska, believed in the Nanuk, which was a polar bear and the master of bears. The Inuit people worshipped this bear and we can see why. It's willing and able to traverse two glaciers to get to the other side.