This Adorable Baby Has The Funniest Laugh You’ll Ever Hear.

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If there's one quality about a person that can inspire good feelings, it's a memorable, unusual laugh. Whether you've got a loud cackle, a low guffaw, a subtle chortle, or a low-key titter -- if your laugh is slightly bizarre and atypical, people will always remember the time they made you crack up, because it made them crack up, too.

That being said, even if you have the most memorable laugh in the world, it's probably not as good as this baby's. Falling somewhere between an evil, all-knowing cackle and a frantic cartoon laugh, this little gal's take on laughter will make you LOL. We're not sure what's going on here or how her mouth and vocal chords actually work to produce it, but we know that when she gets going, it's basically the most adorable thing ever. Treat yourself to a montage of the best laughter on the planet, below.

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