20 Awesome Life Hacks That Actually Work.


Are you the type of person that constantly loses their keys? Well, head to the pet store and get a custom engraved pet tag with your name and number.

Life tends to get pretty hectic. We can all attest to that. There are bills to pay, errands to run, relationships to maintain, and little humans to raise. Every single one of us deserves to have it a little easier at times. We've compiled a list of interesting life hacks that are sure to make things go a little smoother for you. So keep scrolling and maybe you'll find the answers to some of your prayers!

Attach it to your keys and if you ever lose them, someone will know where to return them!

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When you receive an apology don't say that "it's okay." Doing that makes it sound like what they did was acceptable.

Say "I accept your apology" instead.

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If you have a bunch of thank-you notes you need to write, try having a glass of wine or two while you're doing it.

They'll be more sincere and heartfelt.


Are there leftovers in your fridge that look a bit alien now? Try freezing them before you clean.

There won't be a smell and they'll come right out. No mess!

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Daylight savings time can take its toll on us. But if you set your alarm five minutes earlier each day for the twelve days prior, your transition will be much smoother.

No one likes daylight savings!

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If you're the person in your family that everyone goes to for tech questions, take a picture of any remote controls or appliance panels.

This way it will be easier for you to remember what items each family member owns.

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Don't have a clean pillow case? Just use a clean t-shirt, instead.

Your complexion will thank you.


Are you taking a plane trip and are nervous about sitting next to crying kids? Just take some candy with you and you'll soon have some new best friends.

Plus, they can't talk with their mouths full.

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In case of an emergency, keep a $20 bill tucked into your phone. It could definitely come in handy if you're ever stuck in a sticky situation.

Having cash on hand is always useful.

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Are you planning on getting a kitten, but you already have an older, grumpier cat at home? Give the kitten a bath before you introduce them to each other.

Then brush it with the older cat's brush. The scent of the older cat will now be on the kitten, creating a better relationship.

Sergey Ivanov

If you're planning on traveling, but don't want to accidentally lose your wedding ring, just wear a fake one instead.

That way you won't care if it gets misplaced or stolen.

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If you need to photocopy an important signed document, make sure you put a paperclip on it before you copy it.

This way you'll know that it's not the original.


Instead of using the phrase "no problem," try using words like "happy to help" or "glad it worked out."

If you work in a coffee shop and a customer thanks you for selling them a coffee, don't say, "No problem." They're paying for the coffee! Just say, "You're welcome."

When you get ready to reheat rice, tightly wrap the rice in a wet paper towel.

It will bring life back to even the hardest of rice.

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Label all of your photos. Family members will be grateful years from now.

No one will ever have to guess who's in the photos.

Corey Balazowich / Flickr

Before paying for all of the ingredients for a homemade pizza, check out the salad bar at the grocery store first.

You could also pick up a salad as an appetizer.

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If you find a lost phone, bring it to the phone's carrier. They'll be able to use the sim card to locate the phone's owner.

This way you know they will get it.


Anytime you have a recipe that calls for chocolate chips, double the amount of chips.

They will definitely taste better.

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You never know when you might have to give someone CPR, so it's a good thing to learn how to do it.

You could save someone's life someday.

To avoid staining your Tupperware, use plastic wrap to line it or spray it with cooking spray.

Your Tupperware will always be clear.