Couple Transformed An Old School Bus Into The Ultimate Hippy Getaway.


The 20-year-old bus was used in Pennsylvania but had to be picked up in Florida. The 72-passenger bus is the longest in the lot.

Kids might not love riding the big yellow bus to get to school and back home but adults can’t get enough of them. Grownups from all over the country have purchased these school buses and converted them into their own mobile homes.

The work is hard, often times taking months or years to complete, particularly when renovation and building experience is lacking. One German couple were unhappy with life in Berlin. So they took the plunge and flew to the United States but not before buying a big, yellow school bus from the internet.

Felix Starck, a filmmaker and Selima Taibi, a musician embarked on the project together which they named, “Expedition Happiness.” There were trials and errors but the couple is happy with their finished home on wheels. Their goal is to drive to Canada, making their way down to South America. The school bus is the perfect vehicle for an epic adventure.

Starck and Taibi did not think about the restrictions that would arise during their travel having such a long vehicle.

Expedition Happiness

The interior walls were fitted with wooden panels to give a rustic, loft look.

There were some hiccups along the way. Starck cut one of his fingers with an angle grinder and the person helping with the renos was bitten by a dog.

Expedition Happiness

Storage space had to be built for tools, camera equipment, and Starck's guitar.

The bus had to have repairs along the way. Rust and holes were discovered when everything was pulled off the bus.

Expedition Happiness

Starck is convinced the kitchen in the bus is actually bigger than the one they had in their apartment in Berlin.

There is also a lot of history in the accessories used in the kitchen. Starck says there is an "an old milk jug from Ukraine, linen towels from Lithuania, a wooden cutting board from a small shop around the corner."

Expedition Happiness

The table can be folded up for extra space.

The bus has a fan for warmer days and GPS. It is also Bluetooth enabled.

Expedition Happiness

The bed is big enough to fit Starck, Taibi, and their dog Rudi.

They have installed a 32-inch TV in the bedroom. The drawers at the top have clothes, shoes, and an electrical outlet to charge their mobiles.

Expedition Happiness

Although the chairs are not glued or nailed down to the floor, surprisingly, they do not move around when the bus is in motion.

Because the bus is 40 feet long, a backup camera was installed to avoid hitting people, cars or structures.

Expedition Happiness

Nothing is spared to make this kitchen have all the necessities needed to whip up delicious meals.

A stove, freezer, toaster, and blender are among the things in plain sight or in storage.

Expedition Happiness

There is not a lot of room in the bathroom which was ok for the couple.

To reduce ecological footprint the Germans chose to install a composting toilet.

Expedition Happiness

For the shower they wanted to have open space. The pair call it the "caravan shower."

They were discouraged from using tiles as they can fall and break. Despite winding mountain and gravel roads, all the tiles are still intact.

Expedition Happiness

->**Watch a tour of the Expedition Happiness bus.**<-

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