The 20 Biggest Cats On Earth… #15 Must Cost A Fortune To Feed.

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Keeping a large cat in your home might pose a number of challenges. For example, where would it sleep? What would it eat? Would you terrify your neighbors housing a wild beast? Granted, there is also the huge risk to your personal safety having a lion, tiger or other exotic cat breed wandering freely in your house or apartment.

Now, imagine for a moment, having a large cat but nothing that would not give your nightmares. Rather, a full-figured house cat that happens to be the same size as you. While you might think the cats you are about to see are the stuff of science fiction, these felines are indeed real and very large.

These cats are no different in terms of temperament or general appearance than their smaller cousins. With pets like these, the only difficulty you may face is keeping your pantry stocked with enough food.

Chris Scott/Newspix / Rex Features