Baby Elephant Is Too Tired To Walk. The Herd’s Reaction At 0:32 Is True Love.

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If you're a parent then you know how young children can be when they don't get their way. You'll be pushing a cart at the grocery store and your child decides he just wants to lie in the middle of the floor like it's his living room as passing strangers gasp and wonder why you're such a bad parent. That's basically what this baby elephant did in the video you're about to watch. He didn't want to follow the herd. He was tired and just wanted to lie down in the middle of the road at Kruger National Park in South Africa. But instead of getting yelled at, his elders came to him and gave him gentle nudges until he got right back on his feet. It's too adorable and one more reason to love elephants. They are so much like us humans.


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