33 Famous Locations Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before… WOW At The Statue Of Liberty.

Venice, Italy

We all have our favourite places like a far-off, secluded destination somewhere on the globe or something as simple as a swimming pool or the fantasy of being on the red carpet. We can practically close our eyes and visualize these great places. Chances are, when you are daydreaming, many of the images you have seen are based in photographs you have taken, experiences you have enjoyed at ground level or something you may have seen in a magazine.

Here is a collection of photographs that offer a completely new perspective on places we have all seen but from a bird’s eye view. Each picture is absolutely breathtaking and might make you wonder how it was taken in the first place. Despite seeing a wider view of common places or a new postcard perfect image of beautiful vacation destinations, the detail is absolutely mind-blowing. You might catch yourself spending a few minutes studying each photo and wondering why birds have all the best views.