18 Bizarre Beauty Trends From History.

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WWII led to a shortage of nylon, which left women without pantyhose. But they found a solution.

Beauty standards are in a constant state of flux. So, what might be cool right this very minute, may seem odd and dated in about 10 years. But if you take a look back even further, like say, a couple of centuries, you’ll realize that beauty trends from the past were unusual and shocking. But in those days, it was considered perfectly normal. So, if you’re interested in doing something new with your look, then try some of these weird and crazy beauty trends from long ago that are bound to be a conversation starter when you tell people where you got your inspiration from.

To give the illusion that they were wearing pantyhose; a variety of paint products went on sale that allowed women to paint their legs. But those who couldn’t afford the products used whatever they could find like gravy.

World War II poster, Amberley Museum