This Bride Had An All Black Wedding… And It Totally Worked.

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Cachia, who lives in fashion-forward Melbourne, wanted her gown to be something special.

Jet black isn't the typical choice for one's wedding day, but this 25-year-old Australian bride proved it can be just as beautiful as the traditional white gown -- in fact, perhaps even more so.

Sophia Cachia wore a raven black, beaded gown to walk down the aisle, for no other reason than she wanted to. A blogger with a penchant for fashion, Cachia knew she wanted to do something different and turn heads, and this is the concept she settled on.

The gown was designed by Anthony Montesano from Signor Mont Couture, and the detailing on the garment is truly mind-blowing. Cachia did something unconventional for her wedding party as well -- check out the gorgeous photos from her special day below.

The gown had a beautiful beaded bodice, sheer sleeves, a plunging neckline, and fishtail silhouette.

The gown was designed by Anthony Montesano, pictured here with the absolutely stunning bride.

Her dramatic makeup and high ponytail complimented the look perfectly.

Together with her styling new husband and young child, Cachia looked absolutely amazing.

Even better? Her entire wedding party wore black as well. They also carried greenery instead of the traditional flowers.

This is one bridesmaid look that she might even get to wear again.

"I didn't want anything traditional," Cachia told the Daily Mail. "Everyone has a wedding, why does everyone have to do everything the same, there's no rule book. I didn't do it for attention, or to be known as the girl who wore a black dress on my wedding day. I just wanted to wear a dress I think is beautiful."

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