This Husky Blowing Bubbles In Her Water Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today.

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When it comes to water, blowing bubbles is just about the most fun thing you can do. There's a reason why, despite our wizened, ripe old ages, that we simply can't help ourselves when we dunk our heads underneath the surface. In other words, the joy of blowing bubbles isn't just for kids.

And apparently, it's not just for humans, either. Take, for instance, this adorable Husky. She puts her snout into her water bowl, but not so she can simply refresh herself. Instead, she seems to take pleasure in the simple joy of blowing bubbles, much to her canine companion's confusion. It's not typical dog behavior, but hey: If humans can do it, why can't she?

Her name is Maya, and for her, it seems like blowing bubbles is some kind of contemplative moment: She sits, thinks about her life, and blows bubbles until she's got some clarity. It's hilarious to watch, but also: We get it. We really do.

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