This Pig Loves Playing With His Blue Ball… But At 1:32 My Heart Sank.

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Have you ever dropped an ice cream cone when you needed it the most? Oh, the tragedy of seeing your ultimate source of joy fall to the ground. It feels like it happens in slow motion, too. You try to reach for it, but once the frozen treat begins to melt into a small puddle, you know it's reached the point of no return. And your heart? It sinks.

Max the pig from the Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, just outside the Australian town of Lancefield, knows exactly how you feel. After being given a big blue ball to play with, he got a little too excited.

Watch the video below and let us know about a similar experience. We're sure you can think of some other personal (and more painful) experiences.


When Max was rescued from a rural country pond on June 25, 2015, he had a terrible case of mange. A volunteer made a call to the non-profit so that he might have a better life. As you've seen in this video, he has bounced back and is as enthusiastic as ever. With your help, he could be even happier.

Learn more and make a donation in support of Max and other animals at the not for profit Edgar's Mission at the official site.

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