Watch Her Reaction When She Realizes The Flash Mob Is Actually Her Wedding.

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Brides often complain their husbands-to-be are not involved in the wedding preparation. Quite often the grooms are tasked with simply showing up to the altar and preferably on time. Christina can never complain that her groom did not do anything for the nuptials.

He planned the best mob surprise wedding.

Christina put her wedding dress on for what she thought was a bridal photo shoot for a friend. After a couple of poses, she was asked to walk around a huge Christmas tree only to find her father standing with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It is not until he lets her know that she is getting married, does the bride begin to cry and realize the momentous occasion.

Cristina is met with a mob that lines up as she walks up to her husband-to-be and mastermind of the ceremony, Brian.

The video highlights the memorable event.

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