She Creates Mesmerizing Scenes Using Just Books On Instagram.

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Elizabeth Sagan found a creative way to share her favorite books by developing inspiring scenes.

They say books can take you places television can’t. They’re like a magic carpet, or a doorway into multiple worlds where the imagination goes wild. But Elizabeth Sagan has found another way of getting creative with her extensive book collection. Aside from reading, the bookstagrammer also likes to create artistic literary sceneries using book covers, spines and pages. She’ll really blow you away with intricate masterpieces like cascading waves and sea goddesses. And that’s just the beginning. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve looked at some of Sagan’s other literary scenes. They’re so captivating you’ll be hooked on books for life.

The books are positioned to create imaginative scenery like this arachnophobe’s ultimate nightmare.

elizabeth_sagan / Instagram