She Wraps A Piece Of Bread Around Her Foot. The Next Morning THIS Happened.

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At one point or another, our feet end up looking like this.

By this point in the summer, you've probably gotten pretty familiar with seeing your feet. After a long winter crammed into boots and thick wooly socks, the summer is a time for your feet to come out of hiding, greet the world, and breathe -- but sometimes, their arrival can be a little bit unsightly. That's because a winter's worth of wear and tear can often lead to corns, callouses, and dry skin. Never fear: We've got some DIY solutions to those problems, and interestingly enough, none of them involve a callous remover.

Below, find out which household ingredients and products you already have lying around your house that can nip ugly, corn-covered feet in the bud.With a little bit of persistence and patience, you'll have smooth baby feet in no time at all -- do it now, before your feet have to go back into those normal shoes in the fall.

It's a combination of dry skin, callouses, and normal wear and tear that creates a rough looking foot.

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There are also more severe versions of this condition.

This is a corn, caused by an overgrowth of skin, often on the toes or pressure points of the foot and sort of difficult to get rid of.

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But you don't have to get a pedicure to do so.

For starters, a mixture of apple cider vinegar and castor oil can lead to the softening of the foot. Eventually, the corn and callous will wear down and go away.


You could also put Vitamin E directly onto it.

Vitamin E is a great natural moisturizer to help soften dry, rough skin.

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Another method is to soak your heels in lemon.

The acids from the lemon can break down the skin and nip your corn or callous problem in the bud.

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An onion is another unexpected way to beat a corn.

Just soak the onion in white vinegar, put it on your foot, and leave a sock over it overnight. Repeat until the corn disappears.

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Finally, you can try out this crazy bread method.

Place a piece of bread soaked in apple cider vinegar over a callus and wrap it in plastic wrap. Leave it on overnight and by morning, you should be able to peel your callus right off. Pretty crazy, right?

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