Ellen Was FLOORED When This 3 Year-Old Genius Started Talking About Chemistry.

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Brielle is not your typical three-year-old. The toddler’s love of learning does not just include reciting her ABC’s. Instead, Brielle is all about memorizing the periodic table among other things you wouldn't expect a youngster to know. When Ellen DeGeneres learned about the child prodigy, she had to invite her to The Ellen Show.

The pig-tailed girl answered every element flash card DeGeneres quizzed her on correctly. And she didn't stop there; not only did she know their names, she also mentioned interesting facts about each one. Although, Brielle wowed the crowd when she went on to announce she knew every city and state in the country. She could also name every country in Europe and Africa.

Watch as Brielle also explains why Barack Obama is her favorite president. This video will leave you in awe and maybe have you reach for your chemistry book to try to keep up with the little genius. I love the surprise DeGeneres gives Brielle to encourage her pursuit of knowledge.

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