Are You As Smart As America’s Brainiest Kid? I Know I’m Not!

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TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has a knack for finding the most talented and brightest kids in the United States for The Ellen Show. A couple of months ago, we fell in love with then three-year-old Brielle. On her first visit on DeGeneres' TV show, Brielle wowed everyone with her knowledge of all the American Presidents and the periodic table.

Brielle is four now and prepared to share some of her wisdom with all of us. For her first lesson, the little girl teaches viewers geography, covering countries like Australia, France, and her favourite: Papua New Guinea. Along with the location of the different nations, Brielle gives us fun facts to keep the lecture entertaining.

The Ellen Show promises to bring us more episodes of Brielle-iant and we all have our pens and paper ready to take notes.


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