Distraught Little Boy REALLY Wanted To Visit The Broccoli Farm… AWW.

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When these parents wanted to surprise their four-year-old with a trip to the circus, they decided to trick him a little bit en route. Instead of the circus, they told him they were taking a trip to the broccoli farm, which is ostensibly the most boring place a little kid could conceive of.

As it turns out, though, this little guy had some seriously high hopes for the broccoli farm, and finding out he was going to the circus was not the pleasant surprise the parents had planned for.

We like to think that deep down, this little tyke knows that the circus isn't all that great (especially for the elephants that are forced to work there), but perhaps the real cause of his tears stems from his deep, unabiding love for cruciferous vegetables. See his adorable (albeit teary) reaction below.

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