He Gets Annoyed When His Sister Pranks Him…But He Keeps Falling For It.

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Talk about falling for the same prank consistently. Jillian Haker spent a whole year tricking her brother with taking a selfie which he happily obliged. She got her sibling to pose and make silly faces until he realized there was no photo to be taken, but rather a video being shot catching him falling victim to his sister’s mischiefs.

His reaction is comical at realizing his sister has gotten him again and again. His responses are infused with colorful language that only add to the hilarity of the moment.

Haker posted the video on YouTube and boasted that not only was this gag the best thing she did in 2014, she admitted going forward, “I don't think this trick will ever get old.”

Her video has gone viral; she hopes it will lead to a meeting with “Ellen... Or Taylor Swift. Just throwing that out there.”

Haker proves tormenting a sibling never gets old and provides comedy gold.


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