Bryson Andres Is A Crazy Good Street Musician You NEED To Hear.

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The sounds that can be created by stringed instruments have always amazed me, and Bryson Andres is no exception. He has taken this style music to a new level. He uses a looping device with his electric violin to produce music that would have the listener believe there are multiple musicians playing with him.

Born in Hawaii and raised by his grandparents in Alaska, Bryson did not really get into the violin until he was in high school. While in school, he was invited to play with the Anchorage Symphony Youth Orchestra. When he was given a loop station, that's when the experimentation really began! He loves taking his violin to the cities as a street musician, and may be headed to an area near you.

When Bryan really shreds it, I can close my eyes and see flashbacks from the Revenge of the Nerds movie where they have the talent contest, and Poindexter plays his electric violin.


For more of his incredible music, check out his website.

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