25 Best U.S. Cities To See Before You Die.

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Maui, Hawaii

The United States has tons to offer travelers like luscious forests full of redwood trees in the northwestern coast of California and Southwest Oregon. Then there's the captivating shores and reefs of the coastlines in southern Florida and the eastern states as well as the bustling cities with gorgeous skylines such as New York City, Seattle, and Chicago. Or how about the enchanting landscape of the Four Corners where Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico meet? So, if you’re sitting at home making a bucket list of places to visit, make sure to add these great spots to your list. These destinations might inspire you to grab your keys, get in your car and go on a road trip to explore these awesome locations right now!

If a chaotic city isn’t your thing, then perhaps Maui’s tropical environment will help you to relax. You can waste the day looking at the gorgeous parks or beautiful beaches. Lay on Kaihalulu’s sands or drive through the Hana Highway and enjoy the tropical scenery and when you get hungry, this Hawaiian island has more than enough seafood samplings to satiate your taste buds and stomach.

dronepicr / CC BY 2.0