13-Yr-Old Boy Builds Own Home For $1,500.

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The Youngest Homebuilder

Owning a home is easy once your mortgage or bank loan is approved. But building a home from scratch can be incredibly rewarding. It's why so many people love taking on those do-it-yourself projects. Now some folks might choose to build a tool shed, while others will build a home from the ground up. Fortunately, the internet offers several how-to-videos to help us figure out how to take on such a challenge. In fact, it's so easy that even a 13-year-old can do it.

Des Moines Register

Just ask Luke Thill, a 13-year-old teen from Dubuque, Iowa. Luke's at that awkward stage where he's got plenty of energy, but not a lot of things to do. So, one summer, he decided to overcome that boredom by building a house in his family's backyard. But as any builder will tell you, the end result will leave you speechless.