Preemie Babies Transformed Into “Bunny Babies” For Easter By NICU Nurses

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It goes without saying that it’s a sad day to see a premature baby in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a hospital.

Easter is this weekend, which means it's time for Easter egg hunts, chocolate goodies, and of course, the Easter bunny. Sadly, there are some little bunnies that aren't feeling so well this Easter. Every single day, babies are born premature and are required to spend some time in a special part of the hospital. This is obviously an extremely difficult time for their parents, especially around the holidays.

That’s why nurses from the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Texas have spent months crocheting little caps for the preemies in NICU. The nurses’ story began last December when they were working on their Christmas cap project.

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Christmas was right around the corner, and the nurses wanted to make sure that the families had a memorable first Christmas, despite being stuck in NICU.

So, in an effort to bring up everyone’s spirits, the nurses came together to organize the Hooked on Preemies project. As a group, they knitted dozens of adorable Santa hats for all of the preemies.

Methodist Dallas Medical Center / Facebook

Once they took pictures, they decided that they were too cute not to share.

So, they posted all of the pictures on their social media websites to share all of the cuteness with their followers. Obviously, the pictures of the preemies in Santa hats were a huge hit, so the nurses decided to do the same thing for Easter.

Methodist Dallas Medical Center / Facebook

The crocheted bunny hats are a huge hit among the families.

Each family who has a preemie in NICU receives a pair of hand-crocheted bunny ears and a picture of their baby wearing them, which they get to keep. The nurses, who wanted to make the holiday special for all of the families, even wrote cute little phrases with each of the pictures.

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The hospital is sharing one photo of an Easter baby every day until Easter Sunday, and each baby has their own message to share.

This little guy said: “I’m Edward. Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on the way! Listen, I may have floppy ears, but there are no bad hare days around here.” Honestly, the cuteness of these babies is out of control!

Methodist Dallas Medical Center / Facebook

Even though it's not easy for the families to have their child in NICU, the nurses have done a great job of boosting their spirits.

After all, you can't have a frown on your face when you're looking at such a cute bunny! Happy Easter little bunnies, the nurses made lovely ears for you all!

Methodist Dallas Medical Center / Facebook

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