26 GIFs That Prove Your Life Is Incomplete Without A Bunny.


The bunny who treads carefully in search of elusive snacks.

With Easter just around the corner, it's hard to ignore the fact that bunnies are all around us, and they're just about the cutest thing, ever. It's hard to resist these little furballs, even if acquiring one as a pet isn't in your best interest - at least not until your Doberman isn't around anymore. To satisfy your bun-related urges, we bring you 26 of the most important and necessary bunnies we could find on the Internet. #10 is you after the gym.

The bunny who almost sneezed, but then couldn't.

The bunny who was definitely judging your life choices.

The bunny who still hasn't lost his baby fat.

The bunny who won't ever learn his lesson.

The bunny that dances like no one's watching.

The bunny that knows how to snack like a pro.

The bunny who has been working too damn hard.

The bunny who can pick his nose with his tongue.

The bunny who does not care about what you have to say and just wants to live his life.

The bunny who is taking this shower thing quite well.

The bunny who is always on high-alert.

The bunny who has had enough of the camera in his face.

The bunnies that know the importance of sticking together.

The bunny that just won't shut up.

The bunnies who multiply like magic.

The bunnies that provide you with a wall of cuddles.

The bunny who has chosen the wrong partner, but will not hide his shame.

The bunny who is proud of you.

The bunny who is trying to go paleo.

The bunny who tried to be brave, but couldn't.

The bunny whose eyes might actually be bigger than his stomach.

The bunny who makes sure to get his potassium.

The bunny who feels the way you do on Monday morning.

The bunny who wants to convince you he's your dog.

The bunny who has mad hopping skills, bro.