Couple Quit Their Jobs And Spent $20,000 On A Bus To Travel The Country.

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Say hello to Tamra and TJ Lane! They're from a small town in Texas, called Point.

For as long as anyone can remember, it has been the norm to live a conventional lifestyle. We're taught from an early age that being "normal" is by going to college, getting a job, getting married, and having a family. In that order. Luckily, people are beginning to break out of the societal mold and are doing things a bit differently than before. This family is a perfect example of people who want to live their lives as they choose, and not how they're told is the "right" way.

The couple met while they were in high school, but have been married for eight years. They lived in the suburbs and had a great life with their son, Kalon, but their hearts were calling for something a bit different.