They Were Ashamed Of Their Unusual Hair, But Now They’re Famous For It.

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Takenya aka TK Wonder is a songwriter and singer while Cipriana Quann is the co-founder and editor in chief of Urban Bush Babes. TK Wonder later joined her sister to work in UBB while continuing her music career.

Black women have been taught throughout history that straight or wavy hair is the most beautiful. It's an endless battle for women of colour who choose to follow fashion trends; colouring their hair or adding extensions. They are heavily criticized for not embracing their roots. While women who grow their afros out are viewed as angry, even militant, not willing to fit into the norm.

For black communities in the United States, hair is more than just a fashion statement; it is accepting its natural state, colour, and texture, despite what mainstream says. Twin sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder, have taken a stand; letting their hair grow naturally long. Their stunning manes have made them Instagram and blogging darlings who dare to go against the notion of what beautiful hair is supposed to look like.