Contractor Gets In Cabinet To Prove Its Sturdiness, Sparks Absurd Photoshop Battle.


Here's the original photo of the contractor successfully fitting himself into a small cabinet.

A lot of people take pride in the work they do and they should. If good honest work was done, there's no shame in boasting one's own work every once in awhile. But of course words never really prove anything. You need to show people — give them evidence they can see rather than hear to make them believe.

Take this contractor for example, to prove his cabinet was sturdy, he climbed inside of it. The image (as you can imagine) was hilarious and created a chain of even funnier photoshopped versions.

Let the Photoshop battle begin.

When you open the wrong cabinet.

Close it quick, before he gets out!


When you've got mail!

Probably not the mail you were expecting.


When the master bedroom wasn't the size you were anticipating.

Don't you hate when that happens?


When Zoidberg is your handy man.

His expression already reads "I tried."


When all hell breaks loose in Jurassic world and the dinosaurs are looking for food.

Clever guy looks smug about his hiding spot.


When there's more space than you thought.

It's a party!

When they hide things in scenes of movies that you don't catch until it's pointed out.

"Are you sure that man has always been there?"

When office objects don't hold up.

At least he looks like he's still alive!


When fitting inside a cabinet is no longer impressive.

Fitting inside a cabinet upside down, now that's impressive.


When you regret opening the cabinet the moment you do.

Can we just pretend like I was never here?


When you're trapped in the best place possible.

"Hi Chandler, can I be a part of your friends crew?"


When you've got an itty bitty living space but you find a way to make it work.

You gotta work with what you got.


When you realize R2D2 has been controlled by a man this entire time.

How could R2D2 do this to us?!

When your maintenance guy tells you your fridge works too good.

But why are you in the fridge, maintenance guy?


When you're traveling to a different dimension.

Is he the real Doctor Who?


When... wait a minute, where did he go?!

Oh wait, there he is!


When your partner finally finds you after you've been starving for weeks.

"What the hell took you so long?!"


When Snoop has nothing better to do than hang around in your kitchen.

How long have you been there, Snoop?


When you can't decide if what you're seeing is a normal sized man in a tiny house or a giant sized man in a regular house.

I think it's a giant sized man in a regular house.


When there's more than one set of eyes watching you.

Hello there kitty, what brings you here?