Canadians Sent A Message That Everyone In America Needs To Hear.

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Canada and the United States have a bond that goes beyond our open borders. For the most part, Canada is the quiet cousin with glowing heart from the north, strong and free while the United States is the home of the brave.

It may seem we don’t have a lot in common. Still, we respect each other’s quirkiness and eccentricities. As elections are only a couple of weeks away, many Americans are feeling the stress of choosing who their leader for the next four years is going to be.

The creative agency, The Garden Collective, is asking Canadians to load up a personal video telling Americans, our cousins, neighbours, and friends; you got this. Each Canuck shares what they love about this great nation and the compliments are endless. The hashtag #tellamericaitsgreat is all over social media with encouraging and loving words.

->**Here are some of the awesome things Canadians love about the United States.**<-

->**This video will help cheer you up.**<-

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