18 Heartwarming Photos That Prove Dogs Actually Do Make The BEST Friends.


Sleeping buddies.

There is something about dogs that makes them a perfect companion, a life-long friend and a confidant like no other. Outside of being nonjudgemental and always there, dogs offer a whole lot more than we give them credit for.

Dogs bring smiles and joy to sick children, renew the spirit of people dealing with grief or going through a traumatic event in their lives and even waiting patiently for what seems like an eternity to be reunited with their human counterparts who are away and in some sad cases people who have passed away. In return for a lifelong friendship, unconditional devotion and an unbreakable bond, dogs only ask for a little bit of kindness and a warm lap to cuddle up on.

Here are some pictures that show the gravity of a dog’s love and why they are truly a person’s best friend.

Theo waits for his human friend Beau to fall asleep so he can snuggle with him and dream together.


Lily and Madison.

Lily is a blind Dane who relies on her buddy Madison to guide her.

Helping cope.

A survivor from the Breivik youth camp attack on July 22, 2011 in Norway, finds peace with her two dogs.


Easing the pain.

John Unger takes his buddy Schoep in the water to alleviate the canine's pain from arthritis. It also lulls Schoep to sleep.


Mama to the rescue.

When a house fire broke out, a mom ran in to the house to retrieve her 10-day-old puppies. To ensure their safety, she placed them in the fire truck.


Facing the world together.

This photo not only shows the plight of the homeless but also the pets who stay with their owners despite hardships.


NASA Astronaut.

For his official NASA photo, astronaut Leland D. Melvin posed with his two best friends, Jake and Scout.


On guard.

It is not clear whether the soldier was leaving for or returning from service. What is clear is that he has someone watching over him while he slept.

Dog Bless You

Lucas and Juno.

Lucas has been battling a terminal illness. His parents wanted to give him a service dog but did not have the funds nor did they qualify to have one donated. Instead his parents went to a shelter and found Juno days before being euthanized. Now the canine is able to detect Lucas' seizures.



Knowing when all someone needs is a hug to feel better.

Oh the adventures we'll have!

Julian cuddling with his favorite pal Newfoundlander Max.


Total loyalty.

The joy of hugging our best friend.

Furry travelling companion.

Only pure joy when travelling thru Istanbul, Turkey.

ibrahim canakci

I am here to be your friend.

Hernán is a little boy with Down Syndrome; he does not enjoy physical contact. Himalaya is a dog who will not give up befriending the little boy.


Courthouse dogs.

Dogs bring a lot of calm and courage to victims who need to testify in court.


Capturing a heartbreaking and touching moment.

A man trying to freeze time as his canine friend's illness progresses.


Providing comfort.

Peaches is a therapy dog that gives warmth to his elderly patients.


Dogs mourn just like humans.

Hawkeye stayed by Navy SEAL Officer Jon T. Tumilson's casket throughout the service.

AP Photo/KIMT New 3, Shane Delaney

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