What This Zoo Did For The World’s Largest (And Coldest) Rodents Made Me AWWW.

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For some reason, capybaras seem like the snooty old socialites of the rodent world. Their upturned nostrils and elegant whiskers (combined with their long, uninterrupted gazes) all seem to say, "I'm judging you." However, apparently these giant rodents aren't as intimidating as your wealthy neighborhood curmudgeon - most of these animals are actually gentle and kind!

Still, just like some of the world's snootiest old socialites, every once in awhile, these capybaras enjoy a quiet, low-key day at the spa.


The capybara fountains and hot tub are part of their enclosure at the Saitama Children's Zoo in Japan. Several years ago, zoo employees noticed that the capybaras really enjoyed the hot water they were using to clean their habitat. In order to please them, the zoo built a special spa, one that they can all fit in for a soak!

Observing them all in the hot tub together, one can't help but wonder if they're discussing the stock market, or thinking about heading to their weekend homes in the Hamptons. Regardless, it looks like an excellent way to warm up.

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