This Tiny House Is Made Of 24 Layers Of Cardboard.

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Imagine if this was your nice little home away from home in the middle of the woods.

What if you could build your house for a day, but you'd have to use material made up mostly of cardboard? Would you still live in it? Don't worry, because this isn't the typical cardboard material you'd expect to find in a dumpster in the back of a shopping mall or supermarket. The cardboard is a lot sturdier than you can imagine, but it's still easy enough that you can build this cozy little home in 24 hours. It sounds like sheer fiction, but it's real and what's even better is that this dwelling is also adaptable for pretty much anyone's needs.

Can you see yourself relaxing in there? Well, what if we were to tell you that the home is made of 24 layers of cardboard? You're probably shaking your head and going, "no way!"

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