19 Tattoos To Match Your Career, The One For Photographers Is So Clever.

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Most professions today are not tattoo friendly, especially corporate ones. However, that doesn't mean you still can't ink whatever you want onto your body! You just have to keep in mind the placement of the tattoo — make sure it's located somewhere not exposed and can easily be covered by clothing. With that said, ironically as it is, a lot of people like to get tattoos dedicated to their careers (even if the profession doesn't allow it).

A lot of people are passionate about their career, so what better way to show that passion than with a forever lasting tattoo? You can be in the field of the arts, science, anything — there's most likely some type of tattoo you can get to represent it.

Here's a list of some profession related tattoos to help you get started.

Architects design and bring life to the buildings we see everyday. They build cities. What better tattoo to represent this profession than a landscape of a city?

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