20+ Times Cartoons Accurately Predicted The Future.

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Game of Thrones

Some of us would love to be able to look into the future so we can figure out the winning lottery numbers or change a disastrous event in our lives or the lives of others. If we had that kind of power, we might even be able to save the world or make millions of dollars by becoming oh-so accurate psychics. But believe it or not, there were a couple of times when cartoons predicted the future perfectly, like who’d be president and what new type of technology would go on sale. So, check them out. We low-key run out of words on this one. Seriously!

“Game of Thrones” fans were probably nervous about someone spoiling the show’s final season. But it turns out that “The Simpsons” had already predicted a major season 8 plot twist 8 years before it aired. Are the producers of this show a bunch of time travelers? It seems pretty undeniable.

The Simpsons