20-Year-Old Cat Proves To Be A Blessing In Disguise For This Family

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A family in Utah made the decision to adopt a cat. They visited the Best Friends Animal Society.

Families looking to adopt pets usually opt for a young and robust animal that will keep up with them. Those left behind in the shelters tend to be the older ones who may not have a long life left and come with a lot of health issues or maintenance due to their age.

Animals also have strong range of emotions, hence, they too crave for love and bond from humans. Those looking at adopting a cat, may want to consider choosing an older feline. Older cats require less supervision, are more relaxed, know when to save their energy, and for the most part they do not litter as much as kittens.

Many of the older cats are in shelters not because of a fault of their own. Their past owners may have moved to senior care and are not allowed to take them along, the family moved, or finances. Perhaps the most important reason you should opt for an older feline is that this is their last chance to be with humans. Wouldn’t you want to be the family that gave them joy in the last few years of their lives?

They loved looking at the active and fluffy kittens. One toothless feline though caught their attention.

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

The cat was already 20 years old, therefore, the family knew he wouldn't be with them for many years.

Jill Williams' son JJ really wanted a cat. Jill who has worked at Best Friends Society for the last 12 years, knew it was the perfect time to pick up a kitten when the staff received an email urging them to provide temporary homes for the pets.

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

Although there were plenty of small and adorable kittens to choose from, it was Dexter who made an impression.

Dexter though was 20 years old and didn't like being around other cats. Yet, he seemed to really like Jill. He was purring at her and circling around her. She knew this was the cat for her family.

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

JJ and Dexter fell in love with each other as soon as they met.

JJ didn't seem to mind or notice that his new cat was a senior.

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

The family already had four big dogs but Dexter turned out to be the wolf pack leader.

The family kept the introduction from a distance at first. Once they were free to be around each other, everyone got along playing, and sleeping together. The canines were very protective of Dexter.

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

During his two years with the family Dexter got chubbier and didn't act old. He loved watching TV with the kids and played Minecraft with them.

"He was living in a home with around 100 other cats, most in horrible shape and suffering from poor health and malnutrition,”Jill said of Dexter's previous home. "I think he believes he has hit the jackpot."

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

On October 21, 2016 Dexter wasn't feeling well. He didn't want to eat anything.

The family gave him lots of hugs and kisses. They also told their adorable feline he was irreplaceable. He passed away that Friday surrounded by his loving humans and loyal canines. "It’s never too late to save a life," Jill said.

Jill Williams / Bestfriends

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