These Cats Love To Snuggle, And They Know EXACTLY How To Ask For It.

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Normally, we think of dogs as the pets that like to get all the cuddles. They greet you at the door with their tails wagging, and they have no qualms about climbing up into your lap for a quick pet and snuggle. Cats, on the other hand, tend to be just a little bit more prickly. Not all cats like to be pet, let alone held -- and trying to cuddle a crabby cat can have some severely injuring consequences.

However, this video proves that it all might just be one big stereotype. After all, not every cat hates to be touched. Some even prefer it, pawing at you until you give them all the tender loving care they deserve. This video is dedicated to those cats, the ones who just love to cuddle with their humans and aren't afraid to show it. Check out the adorable "Cuddle the Cat' video below.

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