"Cat Grandpa" Becomes Internet Sensation After Adorable Nap Photos Were Posted To Facebook.


The staff at The Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay consider themselves quite lucky to have Terry.

Terry, a retired Spanish teacher from Wisconsin, has been the proverbial patron saint of all cats. He brushes and cuddles with cats at The Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary. As a volunteer, he doesn’t get paid or anything, but that’s okay because he could literally do this job in his sleep. In fact, he does. Having him as a volunteer is amazing, but the question remains, what has Terry done that sets him apart from other volunteers? It’s the fact that he loves taking naps with the cats after he’s done brushing them. Now he’s an internet sensation, and everyone wants to have someone like Terry looking after their pets.

The retired teacher is absolutely golden, and they don’t mind that he sleeps on the job. In fact, it’s the whole reason why the man has gone viral. Aside from being super cat-friendly, he’s also a serial cuddle buddy to the kitties.

It started a couple of months ago, when Terry seemingly showed up out of thin air, asking to volunteer.

He asked the staff to allow him to brush the kitties on a daily basis. It was a simple request, and they were happy to oblige. Soon, Terry would pop in for about three hours a day to spend time chillaxing with the cats.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. / Facebook

It seems that brushing a cat is an extremely taxing job, which explains why Terry takes a nap afterwards.

One day, someone at the sanctuary decided to snap some photos of Terry taking a nap with the cats. But when they posted the photos on Facebook, everyone fell head over heels in love with Terry, and he became a social media sensation.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. / Facebook

Terry’s photos were seen thousands of times, and the sanctuary took advantage of the extra attention.

They set up a fundraiser for the shelter itself, but opened it in Terry’s name. In just 2 days, 267 people collectively donated $4,975, which was remarkable. The sanctuary's goal was only a $1,000, so this was a blessing, to say the least.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. / Facebook

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary may very well be one of the best places for cats with special needs to be.

According to the shelter’s founder and president, Elizabeth Feldhausen, the sanctuary is particularly important because it’s a home to cats with special needs and disabilities such as diabetes, thyroid disease, paralysis, or anxiety.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. / Facebook

Folks on social media simply couldn’t stop praising one of the sanctuary’s most beloved volunteers.

In most cases, the owners of these cats with special needs give their pets up because of the costly medical care. At least the sanctuary gives them an alternative to euthanasia, and it allows the felines to get some serious TLC from someone like Terry.

The shelter values itself on providing the best possible care for the special kitties that no one else wants.

In fact, the shelter offers a cage-free environment that feels more like a home, complete with bedrooms and a living room. This allows the cats to feel comfortable and safe so they can socialize with awesome human beings like Terry.

Terry didn’t own cats as an adult, but after he retired, he decided that it would be a fun thing to do.

He has also volunteered at other shelters, but this was by far the only one he’d seen that offered an extra friendly environment for felines. So, he brings his “magic brush” to groom the cats, and he’s tickled pink that he’s such a hit on social media.

**Terry found a great way to enjoy his retirement. He lounges on a couch, pets a different cat every day, grooms them, and then naps with them. He’s like the grandfather of all cats and everyone loves him.**