Security Cam Footage Proves That Cats Can Be Total Jerks.

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There's an unspoken rule, one that no one ever fully acknowledges but everyone understands: If you happen to see someone standing near a pool, it is always a funny prank to push them in (well, funny for you at least).

Apparently, this universal truth isn't just for human beings to ponder: It applies to cats, too. Take, for instance, the innocent cat standing at water's edge in the video below. He's casually considering the water, not wanting to get wet (he is a cat, after all), but curious about the prospect of it all.

Then, in walks his scamp of a brother, and within seconds, it becomes clear that what's about to happen will not be agreeable to the first feline. In other words, the second cat bro does what any human bro would do when faced with this situation: He puts his paw up, and pushes. After seeing this video, all we've got to say is damn, cat bro: That's cold.

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