Stray Cat Cuddles With Abandoned Baby, Saves It From Freezing To Death

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An unlikely hero saved the day. A stray cat named Masha found a baby that was left in an apartment complex hallway in Obninsk, Russia. The cat cuddled the baby and kept it warm in below freezing temperatures. Residents from the apartment heard Masha meowing helplessly. When they went to check on why the cat was crying so loud, they found Masha curled up around an abandoned 12-week-old baby boy.

Due to the extreme cold, residents were certain that the baby wouldn't have survived without the cats help. Masha even became very protective of the baby. As paramedics came to the scene, the cat tried to sneak into the ambulance. Locals have said that she waited on the road for hours in hopes of having the baby returned to her.


The infant was brought to the hospital. He is healthy and doing great. After the story was published, Masha became the town hero. Locals stop by daily to see her and give her cat treats.

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