9 Mistakes Cat Owners Should Never Make… #7 Is Crucial.

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Nearly a third of all households in the United States have a cat.

Most of us try our best to take care of our pets and be the loving parents they deserve. But sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not our pets, especially cats, love us back.

Unlike other pets, cats can be very strange about affection. They're like teenagers. They aren't always willing to greet you excitedly or share about their lives; they're independent and unpredictable. Sometimes, they leave the house without permission! Kitties have built quite the reputation for themselves, but it isn't all bad.

Cat lovers tend to view elusiveness as mysteriousness, something we can admire and adore. Sometimes they even remind us of ourselves, especially in the ways that they're misunderstood. No matter how independent they seem, they still need us for support and safety.

While caring for a cat, there are some things you should never do. Read more about them below.

There are many benefits to having a cat. They serve as a social support and a best friend (not the kind that always agrees with you but the kind that you can always feel at home with, even if they don't always talk to you). To be the best cat parent, remember the following.

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Secondhand smoking is harmful to our furry friends, too.

Secondhand smoking is bad for humans and animals. Smoking around your pet can lead to some serious long-term health problems including asthma and cancer. Remember that the next time you pull out a cigarette in front of your kitty.


Divesting her of her nature could put a damper on your relationship.

How would you feel if your friends and family left you all alone in a confined space? Okay, you might like it but cats need some space. If they are only given a limited area with little space to roam, they won't be happy.

We're not saying to let them loose but allow them to explore the house. Give them light and fresh air whenever possible. Hang bird and squirrel feeders near windows so that your cat can watch as the critters stop by.

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Don't forget to clean her bowl.

Cats know how to groom themselves. It's your job to make sure that everything else is clean, too, including their eating and drinking areas. For example, dump out old water and replace it with new water. If there's dirt or buildup, which there probably is, make sure to scrub it clean.

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Are you giving them space or downright neglecting them?

Yes, it's true that most cats are independent but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy your company. Let them know that you're there for them. Set aside some time to play or cuddle with them.

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Don't ignore their body language. In addition to purring, it's their way of communicating.

Cats have their own way of communicating and it's up to you to decode what they're saying. A good place to look is their tail. When she is content, her tail will appear natural and loose. If she's more excited than usual, it'll come to a rise. Depending on the type of movement, it can also show stress, anxiety or agitation.

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Keep it down!

Did you know that the older a cat gets the more sensitive she is to sound? And in general, a cat's hearing is much better than our own, especially when it comes to higher amplitudes. This also means that they may be frightened by unknown sounds such as honking, sirens or even a sneeze. Whether it's music, the TV or your own voice, be considerate.

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Notice any sudden changes in behavior? Something might be wrong.

Cats are masters at masking their emotions so make sure not to turn a blind eye. Remain watchful of their movements and act upon any change in behavior you notice. Fluctuations in behavioral patterns of a cat may indicate problems such as depression, pain or stress.

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As much as you love her, don't be overly aggressive with her.

Cats aren't completely averse to affection. They do want attention but not always in the same way a dog would. For example, some cats hate tummy rubs. However, there are others that enjoy them. Every cat is different. Keep the moments tender but know how close is too close. Cross the line and you might get bitten!

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