Twitter Users Share Photos Of Their Cat Transformations

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Elle Maruska sent a request to the Twitterverse but had no idea she'd get so many requests.

Cats have the upper hand when it comes to wowing us and making us laugh. So, it’s no surprise that felines are one of the most popular pets on online posts. All you have to do is perform a Google search and you'll find tons of articles, images and videos of cats doing some totally random and super adorable things. But when Twitter user Elle Maruska asked people to share photos of their cats when they first got them versus what they look like today, she had no idea so many people would respond. Using the hashtag #CatGlowUp, netizens were elated to do what she had asked.

People came through and sent before and after photos of their beloved cats using the hashtag #CatGlowUp, a term that describes a transformation in someone's style, confidence and looks.