25 Genius Ways To Prevent Your Pet From Destroying Your Christmas Tree.

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The only way to save Christmas is to send your try flying through a tear in time and space.

Sometimes you have to wonder whether your pets find Christmas as amusing as we do. But given how they tend to attack Christmas trees after we put them up, it's a safe bet they're true Grinches covered in fur. So, if your pet would rather wreck your Christmas tree rather than lay under it and admire the twinkling lights, then you've got a Christmas hater in your midst. So how do you keep your tree from falling into the wrong paws? Try doing what these homeowners did. They really went to extreme lengths to protect their trees from their pets.

These owners clearly outfoxed the fox by cutting their tree in half and suspending it from the ceiling. Not only did it keep their pet from wrecking their tree, but it made a lovely sci-fi themed decoration in their home.