15 Celebrities Who Will Surprise You With Their Incredible Artistic Side.

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Sylvester "Sly" Stallone is best known for his role as "Rocky," but that's not who he is in real life.

When it comes to celebrities, they're always in the news for one of two reasons. Their movie has either become a major hit at the box office, or they've done something bad that's made headline news. But rarely do we get to hear the upside of their private lives. For example, did you know that some of your favorite celebrities can do a lot more than just act? It turns out that they make really good artists too. So here are some celebrities who can channel their inner Picasso or van Gogh and turn a blank canvas into one heck of a work of art.

Stallone has traded his boxing gloves, or his knife and uzi, which he sported as the mercenary, "Rambo," for a paintbrush. His abstract painting has given us a glimpse into the Italian actor's artistic side.

Fredrik Nilsen / Galerie Gmurzynska