This Guy Is A World Champion Whistler… LISTEN To What His Lips Can Do.

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When doing it right, whistling is an art form. Christopher Ullman began whistling as a child, but admits he was constantly practising as a teenager while he worked delivering newspapers. He took his passion and used it as part of his act when he played with jazz bands in college.

Today he is a four-time world champion whistler. His mouth is his instrument, not only using his lips but also his tongue to make music. His unique talent has allowed him to sing the national anthems at NBA games to performing at the White House for President George W. Bush.

Ullman admits it is imperative to keep his lips in top shape to do his job. He stays away from kissing 24 hours prior to a presentation and drinks ice water. Nonetheless, the most important element of keeping his lips in champion status is chapstick. Watch this talented man give you a peek into his world.

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