Before And After Photos That Show How Places Have Changed Over Time.

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A lot has changed in the span of 125 years in Rysstad, Norway, between 1888 and 2013.

The world is always changing all around us, but it's so gradual that we rarely notice it. But when you look at two photographs taken from the exact same viewpoint at different points in time, you'll notice a huge difference! Most of these places have evolved in ways no one could have imagined several decades ago, while others seem to have barely been affected by the passage of time. It's such a refreshing and mind-blowing perspective on how we look at the world. So, brace yourself and check out these then and now photos and you'll totally see what we mean.

Trees have been added. The old dirt road has been replaced with a modern paved street, and horse drawn carriages have been replaced with modern vehicles. But some of the homes look the same.