10 Disturbing Reasons To Quit Chewing Gum.

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Chewing gum can cause headaches in teenagers.

Chewing gum is something that millions of people do every day. It’s one of the biggest businesses in the world. If you don’t believe that just look at the business history of Wrigley. The Chicago Cubs play in Wrigley Field and the company owned the team for a long time. Owning a major league baseball team is a very costly endeavor.

Most people use gum for many reasons. Maybe they are trying to quit smoking or cut down on their food intake. It’s all about keeping the mouth busy and your mind off of the things you are trying to avoid. That doesn’t mean it’s good for you though. Long term gum chewing can lead to several other problems. What you may indeed be doing is trading one issue for another.

You’ll find out in a few minutes about all of the bad things that can come from chewing gum for a long time. Most of them you might already know but I’ll bet there are a few you never even thought of before. Before you buy that next pack of gum you should think about a few of these things. Maybe you’ll put it back on the shelf and find something else to purchase instead.

A study was conducted of 30 young people chewing gum and the effects it had on them. It consisted of people aged six through nineteen years old.

Each chewed gum daily and each suffered from migraine headaches. When they went one month without the gum nineteen people saw their headaches completely go away.

Several started chewing again days after the study ended and their headaches came right back.