The Blunder Years: Photos Of Kids Who Looked 20 Years Older Than They Were!

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No, this is not some grandma's old school photo. Her parents decided to style and dress this 6th grader in head-to-toe grandma gear.

Most people don’t like being photographed, but when you’re a kid, your parents don’t really give you an option. Most parents have their cameras handy to catch you doing something funny. Others dressed you up in wardrobes that aged you like crazy. You know the kind of photos we’re talking about. The styling is so odd, you wind up trying to guess if a kid’s either two years old or a forty-year-old aging librarian. So, without further ado, we present you with some embarrassing childhood pictures from Reddit's Blunder Years where kids look much older than they were.

Of course, this little girl's parents didn't mean to age her with their horrible fashion choices. But if someone tried to pull this today, the school staff would've had no other choice but to call CPS.