This Simple Hack Will Change The Way You Use Chopsticks Forever.

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It's time for yet another extraordinary life hack.

The Internet is chockfull of delightful and useful DIY projects and life hacks, but this one might be one of our favorites. That's because this particular hack doesn't require any forethought, supplies, or planning, but instead just requires you to consult your utensil drawer. It's really that easy.

Below, we reveal something you probably never knew about those wooden chopsticks you get at restaurants and with your takeout orders, and once you learn what it is, you're never going to want to skip it. It provides a helpful solution to a problem that you might not have even known you had -- and if you did, you definitely didn't know how to solve.

Check out the hack below, and thank us later: For now, after you learn what it is you should go immediately back to consuming all the sushi and ramen you can with your brand new chopstick trick. It's so obvious, it will make you wonder how you didn't figure it out sooner!

This one is all about chopsticks -- well, the ends of chopsticks, that is. Most people don't know this very important hack.

Isriya Paireepairit

We're talking particularly about wooden chopsticks.

The kind that come with all of your takeout orders and seem to stack up in your utensils drawer extraordinarily fast.


As it turns out, you can use them in more ways than one.

Of course, the first and more important usage for your chopsticks is to eat a boatload of delicious Asian food, like dim sum and sushi and ramen and lo mein.

Ewan Mcdowall

And while we're getting hungry just thinking about it, there's something you should know.

If you've got a pair of wooden chopsticks in your kitchen, go and grab them and check out the ends. See that little square piece?

Paul Kelly

That's right: You can snap it right off.

But why? What could possibly be the reason of breaking them at the end instead of simply in half?


See? The rectangular piece at the end actually does have a purpose!

It's a built in chopstick rest to keep those beautiful wooden utensils off the dirty table, which is particularly useful if you're eating in a restaurant.

Megan Willett / Tech Insider

In fact, sometimes you'll even see more "official" chopstick rests like these.

The brass and bronze rests are pretty cool, but the little wooden piece works just as well in a pinch.


Bet you never knew that about your takeout chopstick collection, huh?

Suddenly, ordering, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Thai food (or maybe all of them at once if you're having a good day) will never be the same again.

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