Homeless Man Asks For Help After Pet Rat Gets Stolen.

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Chris may have been homeless, but at least he had his beloved pet, Lucy with him.

Most people choose dogs and cats as pets, but that’s not always the case. We don’t get to choose who our animal spirit is going to be. It’s more like they choose us. If anyone understands this, it would be 59-year-old Chris. He’s homeless, but he’s not alone. He had a pet rat named Lucy, and she kept him company and helped him get through the rough time. But one day, all that changed when Lucy vanished without a trace.

Lucy lessened the pain of his predicament. But even rats needed their beauty sleep. So, whenever she took a nap, Chris relied on passersby like Alyson, who lives in Sydney, Australia, to chat with.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

One day, Alyson noticed that Chris was all alone and looking very anxious.

She checked on him to see if he was okay and learned that Lucy had been stolen. Angry by the audacity, Alyson posted the story on social media in the hopes it would go viral and people would help.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

Chris had a sign on the side of his cart which stated his rat had been taken.

Chris suspected that Lucy was taken outside of the Footlocker on Pitt Street when he slipped away briefly to use the restroom. Alyson called it a low act to steal a pet rat from a homeless man.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

Lucy had been there to listen to Chris and to eat with him, but now she was gone.

When people read Alyson’s post on Facebook, it went viral and got over 16,000 shares in a few short days. As word spread of the horrendous act, people got very angry and determined to help Chris out.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

Commenters had expressed utter distaste for the lack of empathy the thief showed.

But others wanted to share the photos in the hopes that someone would see Lucy and return her to Chris. But Chris also contacted the cops who checked CCTV in hopes of identifying the thief.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

Over the years, Chris and Lucy have become popular by passersby in Sydney.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

Both he and Lucy would often befriend perfect strangers and cheer them up when they needed it. Now Chris needed the community to give back. So, Lucy set up a [GoFundMe account][1] to raise money for Chris and homeless people in general. [1]: https://www.gofundme.com/chris-amp-lucy-amp-living-rough-people-amp-their-pets?member=&utmsource=twilio&utmmedium=sms&utm_campaign=contacts-v2-invite-to-donate

Meanwhile, people have continued to share their memories of Chris and Lucy.

A lot of them posted photos they took with Lucy in the hopes that it will melt other people’s hearts and get them to donate and also help in the search. Here’s hoping Chris and Lucy have a happy reunion soon.

Alyson Pearce / Facebook

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