20 DIY Holiday Decorations That Are Better Than Anything You Can Buy In Stores.

Pom pom garland.

Part of the excitement of Christmas is the weeks leading up to the special day. Preparing for the gifts and food, is just one part. Decorating the home in the Christmas spirit takes time and patience. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun.

You can never have enough decorations at home. There is always room to add more. As the children grow, they will want to become more involved in the process. Sure, buying decorations is fun but it can get quite costly quickly. Plus, there is something magical about making new crafts that will get used year after year, and hopefully passed down to your own kids.

The memories made with each project is part of the celebration. We have found 20 Christmas and Hannukah crafts you can make with family and friends today. You may end up making more than one project as these are to cool to choose only one.

Use a large needle and thread to string through the mini pom poms.